Got time for a quickie? Quick Quest distills dungeon delving into its basic elements: killing monsters and looting treasure. Level up you heroes, equip your items, and venture deeper into the dungeon. Can your party survive to level 10? Even if they do there's a nasty boss and evil minions waiting there for you. Designed for solo play but easily adapted to multiplayer, Quick Quest is a fast-paced fantasy card and dice game that only takes about 20 minutes to play.You might not always have time enough for an RPG but there's always time for a quickie.

Now available for purchase through Game Crafter!
We're proud to announce that Quick Quest is now available through The Game Crafter. You get everything you need to play in one box: 8 Hero Cards, 68 card Monster Deck, 43 card Treasure Deck, 17 card Quest Treasure Deck, 11 six-sided dice, 1 twelve-sided die, and 25 damage counters. It's dungeon delving in a box!

Hero Pack 1: Paladin

Hero Pack 1 adds the heroic Paladin to your roster of adventurers!

Fight Fanatics, Seekers, and the dreaded Oathbreakers on your way to face the Cult Leader! Luckily the Paladin's armed with some pretty powerful weapons!

Hero Pack 2: Ranger

Hero Pack 2 adds the elven Ranger to your roster of adventurers!

You have creepy Crawlers and the spider-bat Web Wings to fight. Luckily the Ranger's brought his
Spider Bane potion to help!

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