A sort of mission statement thing:

We like playing games, we like making games, and we like sharing those games with other people. We're not looking to get rich off this stuff but we're not looking to go broke on hosting, advertising, and assorted other costs either, so we're dedicated to getting our products to you as cheaply as possible. This company was founded on a simple principle. And if you've ever stood in a store with a game or book in your hand shaking your head wondering “Why the hell does this stuff have to be so expensive?” you already know the principle. His name is Mr. Costsavings and he'll be running this school from now on...

[I know that’s not how you spell “principal” but I saw the chance for a pun and I went for it. Sometimes you just gotta REACH for them and damn the consequences!]

We publish resources for RPGs, primarily Dungeons & Dragons related systems. Most of these are in an electronic PDF format. This format makes purchasing our products convenient and affordable, with many of them priced at only $1.00 each. Our titles are available through RPGNow, Drive ThruRPG, and their network of associates. Paizo Publishing recently asked us to join their long list of vendors, so you can find us there now as well.

Physical copies of Artifacts from the Edge are available on Lulu and Amazon. You can also find our Treasure Compendium: The Collected Fourth Edition Buck-A-Batches on Amazon as well. Copies of our card and dice dungeon delving game Quick Quest are available through The Game Crafter [There may be a Kickstarter in the near future.]

Our homepage 'Goddess', and the sword to the left, artwork are by Shaman Stock Art. You can see more of his fantastic work here.
We're in Eastern PA just outside of Bethlehem. If you're near us and share our love for games we'd like to hear from you. Email us here.
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