Way back in 2006 we came up with the idea of dolling out cards with temporary powers to D&D players as an additional treasure option for DM's. In 2011 we had the good "fortune" of seeing the idea reach the major publishers.

Karma Cards were created as a tangible way of rewarding players for alignment affirming role-playing, actions, or decisions. If the players do good things (or rather what their Gods consider 'good') good things will happen to them. These 'good things' take the form of in-game bonuses granted by the cards. Of course the cards needn't be used solely as an alignment reinforcement. They can be handed out as an award for good role-playing, as a bonus for winning a difficult battle, or even just because it's a player's birthday. However you decide to use them is ultimately up to you.

This document was written for 3rd edition rules.

Includes descriptions of 5 Minor Artifacts that work with the cards to grant additional bonuses.

Karma Cards
For use with 3rd Edtion Dungeons & Dragons

60 Cards / 11 Page Rulebook / PDF $3.99
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